The 5 best blazers for women : With advice on sizing and fit

I decided to create a full guide on blazers. This guide is about my favorite ways on how a blazer can complete your style and enliven your personality. A perfectly tailored blazer will only uplift the beauty of your outfit and that’s why it’s important to choose an apt design for an apt event.

This is a long-read article, so you better take your sweet time to choose your favorites. If you don’t mind, please leave me a comment, so I know what kind of blazers you like.

An excellent blazer, just like a right pair of jeans, is one of your wardrobe’s most valuable players.

During the weekdays, the best version can be stacked with jeans and a T-shirt to the office and it can be repurposed as an evening-wear on the weekend, both in the same week. (In fact, it can be worn as a variation of evening-wear on its own, if you’re feeling brave.) Like any other good investment piece, the blazer has a nature of improving the aesthetics of whatever it’s paired with — elevating everyday denim and lending interesting juxtaposition to evening gowns. Beyond that, it’s one of the very few pieces of clothing that has a defined personality — an air of sophistication, gravitas and increasingly, gender-neutral self-possession. It has the ability to bestow those attributes on the wearer by transitive property.

From fitted and prep-adjacent to oversized and effortless, you’ll find a few of my personal favorite blazers below — plus their size range and any suggestions that I have on getting the right fit for the first timers.

Blazer Styling Tips:

#1 — The most important tip regarding blazers is that it should fit you properly. If your blazer does not fit you well, then it will look like a box instead of a flattering jacket on you. Always try on the smallest size available first before jumping on to the bigger sizes. The secret behind it is that most jackets tend to have extra room in the fitting in order to give it a more relaxed shape than a fitted look.

#2 — Blazers come in many different styles and sizes. It’s usually based on your height, top size and bottom size. Taller ladies may prefer a long blazer while shorter one would go for the cropped or mid-thigh lengths. Women with smaller bust sizes can opt for a single button jacket while double button blazers would work best for women with larger bust sizes. As for the bottom, most sleeves should end at your wrist area giving it a more feminine look to it and not looking like an oversized dress shirt. Just know that a blazer is the perfect way to make any outfit look dressier and more put together. You can wear them anytime and anywhere. Blazers are truly an important wardrobe item for every woman!

#3 — A plain gray or black blazer tends to look a bit masculine. If you’re worried about your outfit coming off as tomboyish, there are many easy ways to add a pinch of subtle femininity to your look.

If you want your outfit to look softer and feminine, make sure there is color in your look. Pair a long, neutral blazer with a colorful skirt or shirt. Try adding delicate textures into your look too. Wear a blouse with lace or silky texture to break up the masculine material of a classic blazer. Finish off your outfit with delicate jewelry pieces. Try a subtle metal choker or a floral statement necklace to add a feminine focal point in your look.

#4 — When wearing a blazer, always try to pair it with something else like a brocade or printed dress shirt underneath. A blazer on its own is just too dull so pairing it up with a dress shirt underneath will give you an extra elegant look. Owning the right type of blazer to enhance your outfit is very important. There are many different types of jackets that you can choose from so make sure to research on the type and styles that work with your body shape and coincide with your style.

#5 — If you want to give yourself a more vibrant and fun look, then bright and pastel colored blazers are perfect for you! They will definitely catch people’s eyes as they walk by or sit beside you in a restaurant. In fact, any black or white blazer is guaranteed to make any outfit look more put together.

#6 — Blazers can be worn with almost anything! You just have to experiment by putting it together with other items. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, pencil skirts and even your summer dresses.

#7 — Adding flair to blazers is important because it truly does make any outfit look classier and more sophisticated. You can even put together different pieces on top of the blazer itself. For example, you can wear a scarf or a shawl for some contrast to accentuate.

Quick Fit Tips:

Straight Shape?

Your bust, waist and hips are pretty much in line. Be sure you opt for blazers that nip in at the waist to create a bit of curve in your silhouette.

Pear Shape?

Your hips are wider than your upper body. Be sure your blazer doesn’t fall directly on your hips adding emphasis in a place you’d rather not. Instead, go for a cropped shape or go for a longer blazer to create a lean frame.

Inverted Triangle Shape?

Wider shoulders; your upper body is wider than your lower body. Lean towards slouchier fit blazers and stay away from shoulder pads all together, as they will only add to your broader upper body.

Apple Shape?

Wider throughout your midsection. Thinner fabrics will not add bulk and opt for a blazer shape that cinches in slightly and hits below the hips to create a more defined waistline.

My Top 5 Picks to Try This Winter

Cut Out Blazer by H&M

A Single-breasted blazer in woven fabric made from organic silk blend with cut-out sections at the waist and back. With its subtle colors and an oversized silhouette, this boxy blazer makes room for layering all winter long.

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Long Blazer with Shoulder Pads by ZARA

A blazer that means business. Wear this on your next Zoom or in-person interview and feel your confidence skyrocket. Also, we should all have a black blazer sitting in our closets.

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Double Breasted Tan Blazer by AMOSHI

The tan hue of this tailored blazer works well in winter with a matching pair of trousers and can also be styled over a slip dress in spring. The classic and timeless structure will make it your favourite.

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Wine velvet blazer set by DEEPIKA NAGPAL

Donned up in rich wine velvet, this piece is fit for everything from a work presentation to a girls’ night out — now that’s a workhorse.

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Double Breasted Pink Blazer by AMOSHI

If there's one thing we learned in 2021, it's that bright colors are still here to stay. Need convincing? This strawberry pink-colored blazer will do the trick. And the best part is that the color is so versatile that it can be styled over a pair of ripped jeans for casual days too.

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